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It May Be Time for a Site Redesign If…

Friday, February 5th, 2016 by HostGator India


Your business doesn’t need an identity crisis or a re-branding moment to earn a slick new redesign.

In fact, chances are your company’s website is due for a makeover. (Who doesn’t want a little face-lift?)

Here are 5 worthy reasons to (at least partially) redo your site:

1. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t device-friendly, you needed a redesign last year. Internet usage on mobile has long surpassed that of desktops, so this is a big one! Unsure if your site is optimized for mobile? See if it passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

2. You’re adding new functionality (or killing old ones). Things like an opt-in box, blog, and e-commerce call for a redesign to ensure that everything flows seamlessly throughout the site. Likewise, some social buttons or “trendy” widgets can make your site look dated. A simple redesign to clean up obsolete tools is never a bad idea.

3. Your site is hard to update. Especially if you need a developer to add new content (and Google loves content!), what you really need is a site platform with an easy-to-use content management system. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! are good places to start.

4. Your site isn’t converting. Is Google Analytics telling you you’re losing visitors? It could be that your homepage is slow to load, or that your customers aren’t finding what they need immediately. A redesign with clearer, stronger calls to action could improve both your bounce rate and your sales.

5. Ask your customers for feedback. Are they able to find everything they need fast? Do they have any suggestions or think you’re missing any features?

6. Your competitors’ sites are awesome in comparison. Your biz definitely doesn’t take a backseat to the rest of the market — neither should your site.

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Which Social Media Network Is Right for Your Business?

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 by HostGator India


Unless you’re a 16-year-old youngster, there’s no reason you need to be on every single social network in existence. Especially if you have limited time and resources.

When it comes to using social networks effectively for business, it’s quality over quantity all the way.

Use this primer to figure out which networks deserve your attention.

Facebook: Great for showcasing your company’s top features and providing a sounding board for customers.

Instagram: Selling to a younger generation? Insta is visual, perfect for sharing photos of food, flowers, and featured products.

Twitter: Use Twitter to generate sales leads, give frequent updates, or interact one-on-one with customers.

Pinterest: Pin when you need to market products to women, or portray a certain lifestyle (ie. travel mags, clothing brands, and health companies).

Google+: Post here to rank higher on Google search, or tap into popular influencers and Google+ communities.

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Why does your Business need a Blog?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 by HostGator India

The world around us is changing and at a pace that is nothing short of scary. The Darwinian principle is more applicable to world of business than it has ever been. Everyone is scurrying to be different, to be ahead of the curve trying to figure out a way to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back. Cheap tricks don’t work anymore, price is no longer an advantage, your competition will run the same discounts if not better when you run them. So what do you do? how do you survive? the answer is by adding value to your customer. Marketing geniuses have said, “people don’t buy products, they buy value”. This theory is proven exponentially accurate in today’s times, customers prefer companies that can add value to them not just by the products they sell but by giving more than that, by sharing insights, knowledge, tips and tricks and making life a little more easier for them. Content marketing is the new sales tool used by every big company to add this value to it’s customers. And when it comes to content marketing the biggest weapon a business has is it’s blog. It feeds in to your Social Media efforts and opens an amazing line of communication with your customers. Below is a list of our top reasons why your business needs a blog:
Build Credibility: All big companies blog. If you’re content is insightful and well written it will boost your company’s image. Sharing information that is helpful to the customer will go a long way in developing goodwill.
Better SEO: Create links to your original site. If you use good keywords in your posts you double the chances of customers finding in organic search results. A regularly updated blog is held in high regards in Googles eyes and will boost your SEO big time!
Establish Authority: Blogs create a unique opportunity to share your expertise with people. This in turn allows you to establish authority and position yourself as a thought leader in your vertical.
More PR opportunities: What can be a better way of putting out content that let’s journos find you than your own blog. Your blog can be a place to create and share  news worthy content with the world. This way, you’re letting them come find you
Adds a communication channel: Mass communication channels are scarce, the good ones are paid and the free ones are not good. In this scenario creating your own channel is a wise decision in anybodys book. Good content will always make people come for more, this puts you at an advantage of sharing important things that you would’ve had to pay for otherwise. Additionally, you can also share important announcements via your blog making sure you reach your customer via every media possible.
Engage Customers: This is the sole purpose of any content marketing activity. It’s not easy but with a blog you do not have to limit yourself to a certain type of content only. You can touch up on multiple topics and choose the ones that engage your customers the most. Also, as we mentioned above, your blog can create a never ending supply of content to be funneled through your social media channels. So whenever you’re running out of ideas, share a snippet of an interesting blog article, could be an interesting data point or a thought provoking quote, either ways, you’ll have a lot to share.
There you have it, we hope we’ve managed to convince you to start. If you’ve already started make sure you continue adding articles regularly, your customers and the search engines will love you for it. Drop in a comment with your experience if you’ve dabbled with blogging in the past.

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