Infographic: The ROI of Great Web Design

Friday, January 30th, 2015 by HostGator India

It’s really important to understand the return on investment (ROI) for all aspects of your business. The reason is very simple, if you aren’t making money because of a certain thing, then you may be likely losing money as a result of it. Speaking of which, there is a high possibility that you’re losing out on your ROI due to a bad web design. Confused? Don’t worry, this Infographic will explain how and why Great Web Design can positively influence your ROI.

the-roi-of-great-web-design-infographic-(1) (1)

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Awesome Resources for Web Designers

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 by HostGator India


It’s true when they say, ‘Learning Never Stops’ and especially when you’re into creative things like Web Designing. We understand that it’s a truly excruciating process to come up with great (working) designs on an on-going basis. As a designer, you are required to stay sharp and on top of your game at all times and we know that can be really hard. So we decided to write up a list of resources that we think will help you good folks to keep churning out those awesome designs that you do. So without further adieu, we present to you, the list:

* Hack Design: A beautifully curated resource to learn all there is about web designing. Some of the best and most talented design folks from around the world come together and create courses that will help you get better in your craft. What’s amazing about Hack Design is new design lessons coming straight to your inbox every week. These lessons are “carefully crafted” by design pros for you. What’s more? Great design tests and puzzles to keep challenging yourself. This one’s a definite recommendation from us.

* Drawspace: As the name suggests, Drawspace is an online drawing class structured to keep you at your creative best at all times. They’ve got loads of amazing drawing lessons for everyone starting from the beginner to the pros. This is one amazing resource that every designer in the world to should keep going back to.

* Smashing Magazine: The one that needs no introduction. Smashing Magazine is all about the web. It’s the ultimate resource for both web designers and developers. It’s a hub for everything you need, job boards, resources, articles, wallpapers, you name and you’ll get it on Smashing Magazine. You’ll find some really insightful articles on design trends, latest tech and so on. They’ve also got loads of amazing ebooks that you can get to stay sharp. We’d also recommend signing up to their newsletter, they share some pretty amazing stuff regularly.

* Oozled: In their own words, Oozled is a curated resource for everything creative. Even though all content is available without signup, we’d recommend signing up here. It’ll allow you to create a personalized feed that will cut through the clutter and only bring you things that you really need. With some pretty awesome tools for everything starting from CSS to Javascript and from UX to Photoshop, Oozled gets 2 thumbs up from us!

* Designmodo: Designmodo is another brilliant resource to have in your arsenal. With great tips and tutorials on WordPress, design resources and inspiration, Designmodo is an absolute gem.

* Creative Bloq: Get your daily fix of design inspiration and tips from Creative Bloq. Rightly called so, it can be your best friend in the those times for a creative block. With tips on a variety of topic including web design, graphic design, 3D, Typography, Branding etc Creative Bloq is absolute cracker of a resource. If all this wasn’t good enough they’ve got a great job feed that’s a plus for all you freelancers out there.

* Dribbble: When it comes to design inspiration, Dribbble is probably the best resource out there. It’s simple, it’s a place to get noticed and notice some of the best design work there is on the internet. Honestly, some of the designers are magicians and it would be amazing to get inspired by them and learn from them. Dribbble is also a place where large organizations go to hire web designers. So it’ll definitely help to get your portfolio up here asap. Trust us on Dribbble you guys, it’s amazing!

* Behance: Behance is another brilliant place just like Dribbble. It allows you to showcase and discover amazingly creative work in all fields including web, fashion, illustration, UX/UI, architecture and so on. And just like Dribbble, Behance is a great place to find jobs and get noticed too.

* Gibbon: This is pure learning, Gibbon has playlists created for collecting and sharing knowledge. Playlists range from categories like Design, Career tips, Marketing, Science, Photography, UX and many many more. Gibbon is great place for adding your own lessons too, if you have tips to share, put them up on Gibbon and it’ll be sure to get a loads of love. It’s the ultimate resource on the internet.

So that’s that folks. We hope you find these resources handy and that they help you out in some way. Drop in a line in the comment section below if you think we’ve missed on a great resource. Also, let us know what you think of these resources listed here, if you have any past experience with any of them, do share it with the rest of us.

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Infographic: Famous Gators

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 by HostGator India

When it comes to gators, Snappy is not alone. There are many famous gators that have made their mark in various domains. It’s time we take a quick look and know a little more about all these Famous Gators. Enjoy our new Infographic.


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The only tools you need to manage your Social Media Channels

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 by HostGator India


In this day and age, Social Media has become an important arm for all communications. It adds an amazing punch to your communications arsenal and allows businesses to reach out to customers effectively. With that said, social media communication can get tricky. People today expect immediate responses and resolutions which makes managing social media effectively super important. Many businesses setup their social accounts but fail to make a real impact because of the way they are managed. They key to improving your social media footprint is to use tools that help you effectively manage your efforts. This is needless to say that your content is in place. We will talk about content for social media in a later article but for now lets focus on the tools that will help you get the best out of your social media efforts.

Buffer: Buffer is an amazing tool that can literally take hours off your work. An important aspect of any communication is timing, and Buffer helps in making sure all your updates are made at the best possible time. It’s a brilliant scheduler that allows you to schedule your posts at intervals you decide. It’s easy to use and their intuitive analytics provides amazing insights regarding the performance of each post. We’d recommend getting a free version to test it out and get the paid one to really get things going. If you have a bunch of followers you should’ve fased this problem of segmenting them. For instance, can you identify your top influencers or your top detractors? Better yet, do you know who to interact with or who’s spam? will help you with all this and a LOT more. It’s a nifty little tool that’s a must for all social media marketers.

Mention: Mention has been our in-house favorite. It’s so good, no mention (pun not intended) ever goes unseen. As a brand it’s super important to know who’s talking about you online. Not just on the Facebook and Twitter but other channels like blogs, forums and so on. Mention scours the internet and looks for your wherever your company is mentioned. You can set up industry related keywords and competitor names too. It’ll get back to you with a real time update, whenever the keywords you specify have been used anywhere on the internet.

Hootsuite: We don’t think Hootsuite needs any introduction. It’s the ultimate social media management tool. Get a birds eye view of how your social media handles are performing, get updates, schedule posts, get amazingly in depth analytics, all in just 1 great tool. We all share links via our social networks from time-to-time but their performance is something that not a lot of folks track closely. While driving traffic to via social media you want to know how many clicks did a link get. helps you do just that. helps you create short links with tracking that you can use to share via your social channels. It’s a great data point made available for free :).

Followerwonk: What Followerwonk does amazingly well is analyze your Twitter followers, compare them and search through bios. This is fantastic when building and segmenting your Twitter base. Identify the right folks to communicate with, find people you do not already talk to and get your word out at better and a faster rate. Followerwonk, offers a ton of other features like tracking and sorting for a price which your can test first and then decide on getting. But we’d totally recommend the free version if you choose to not opt for the paid one.

Klout: One of the most famous tools on the list. The Klout score has been a well monitored measure of a brands social media performance. The new avatar of Klout allows you to do much more than just track your score. You can find relevant content and post it directly from their interface.

That’s all folks! We hope you benefit from these tools. If you’re using a tool that has helped you manage your Social Media Channels, then do share the details in the comments section below.

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