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Thursday, November 6th, 2014 by HostGator India



In the world of internet, stats are plenty about how India is at the cusp of website boom. For long years we’ve been fed this information, X million SMEs in India, X million people online, so there is a great potential for websites. Despite these numbers the one thing that most web designers and developers experience is strong resistance from people to go online. Which brings us to this topic, in India, selling website is very difficult and most SMEs do not believe in taking their business online. They rely on age old modes of marketing to get new business and spread the word; some of them actually believe going online is damaging for their business. We’ve met jewelry makers who are afraid that a website will mean competitors stealing their ideas. This is the state of things in our country in context to selling websites.


This situation needs attention, it needs understanding but most of all needs Web Designers & Developers to get involved. At Hostgator we believe that web designers and developers are not just our customers but enablers for people who choose to go online. We’ve cooked up this article to help you enablers get people online, it’s where all the action is and is where they should be:


1. Share more information: Most customers don’t ask questions and that’s because they don’t know what questions to ask. You can change this by sharing more information. Inform them about the components of a website and the ways they all come together to create a complete website.


2. Meet deadlines: One of the most heard reasons behind not going online, is the perceived fraud a lot of people claim to have faced. Customers do not understand the nitty-gritty of website creation, they don’t know the efforts involved in creating the most simplest of functions. It’s up-to you to communicate this to the customers, set clear deadlines for projects and strive hard to meet them. Don’t oversell and under deliver, instead set a deadline and finish the project before. It’ll do wonders for your reputation.


3. Get invested: Most designers and developers limit their scope to just creating a website and supporting it. If you are more invested in the actual selling, it will boost your business significantly. Think of it as converting customers, carry case studies of successful online businesses, online v/s offline business expense comparison charts, presentations etc. Basically wow the customers with information that is indisputable.


4. Understand the reason to be online: In some ways, web designers/developers act as sales folk who deal with the end customers. It’s up-to them to convince the customers that they need to go online. One of the key elements in this is to understand the reasons yourself. Internet is a whole new world of opportunities, where information is freely available, which more and more people are adopting by the day. There are only a handful of businesses online today to serve these customers, the early movers are at a great advantage and this needs to be communicated with your customers.


5. Be Online: We wrote an entire article about this so we’re not going to repeat the whole story. Cutting to the chase – how can you convince customers to get online if you’re not there yourself? A very important part of selling any product is to believe in it yourself. We see tons of web developers/designers without their own website, if you’re serious about selling a website you need to have one of your own.

We’ll end the article at that note, we’ll admit that selling websites is difficult, but together we can convince everyone about the value of being online. We call on you to join us in our efforts to take India Online.

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Do Web Designers Need to have their own Websites?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 by HostGator India

Without a doubt a web designer, especially, needs a website. Through the course of this article, we’re going to try and explain why, but straight off the bat, we’d go for a web designer who owns a website rather than someone without it. In our line of work, we get to interact with several designers, and we find plenty who do not believe in a website, though they sell it (oh the irony) to their customers. So we thought it is prudent to take this issue up and discuss it. We say, if you’re in the business of selling websites, you might as well have one of your own. So here’s why you (the designer) out of  all people should get a website:

  • Believe in what you sell: How do you sell a product you don’t believe in? We’re sure the clients are going to wonder and so would we. If we’re looking at a web designer we’d like to know how his/her website looks.
  • Being Professional: We know this is said a million times, but it is true. We’re seeing a massive influx of customers going online to look for information and services and not being online, clearly is not sending the right message to folks.


  • Display your Art: We know there are several places to do this but it will never be the same as having your own website. It will allow you to cut out the noise. No distractions for the customer, just your work to review and love. Imagine this, if you send a customer to one of these sites, you will always run the risk of losing him/her. They might like someone else’s work over yours. Don’t lose out on potential business by sending visitors away.


  • Drive more customers: We strongly believe in this, having a website is like having an advertising channel that runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It drives you customers even while you’re on a holiday or at the movies. It allows you to grow your business rapidly and at a low cost.


  • Break the boundaries: An offline designer can service only a locality (not even a city!) and that too only via word-of-mouth. That’s leaving a huge chunk of potential customers for others. Why not break the boundaries, attract people from all over the world. It is a virtual product which involves no logistics or physical shipping. If your design is good enough soon you’ll have customers from all over the world!


  • The Customer is Judging you: As a customer, we’d be very skeptical about going online if the person helping us get there is not there him/herself. We live in a time where image matters, it can make or break any business, along with creating beautiful websites you’ve got to focus on setting the right image. Think about it this way, wouldn’t you judge a dentist with bad teeth?



We can go on and on with the list, but we think these points drive our point home. We couldn’t think of a single reason why a web designer should not have his/her own website. If you’ve got a convincing enough reason then shoot in the comments section, we’re curious to know.

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Dharavi CAN – My Experience

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 by HostGator India


I am writing a blog piece for the first time, I just wish, i’m able to do justice to its cause.

This is all about Project “Dharavi CAN”, but before I tell you about that, let me introduce you to  the place – Dharavi.

If you simply type Dharavi in ‘Search’, the immediate answer you get is ‘Slum area’ and It’s true! It is probably Asia’s largest slum area in suburban, Mumbai – The commercial capital of India.

But is it just a Slum? Well, you’ll get to know.

‘Dharavi CAN’ an initiative where Ulhaas foundation, a Mumbai based NGO and HostGator India, one of India’s largest web-solutions company, envisioned providing a basic website presence to those thousands of un-imagined and unnoticed but successfully thriving businesses in Dharavi. This attempt was to make them realize the promise and potential of web and what it can do to grow their business.

I arrived Mumbai, on the evening of 25th April. A little apprehensive, little overwhelmed and overall naïve, about how Dharavi would welcome me. How the activity will go.

Next morning , Prashanth, the Trustee of Ulhaas foundation picked me up and we started journeying towards Dharavi. Somehow I found the morning view of Mumbai – beautiful, yet a little too sunny. To my amazement, everything at the venue was planned beautifully. The place – Ganesh Vidya mandir welcomed us with huge banners as a backdrop and steering volunteers. I was excited to see over 60 volunteers all geared up to join our stride in making a dent in the universe.

We addressed the team, spoke to them about the activity, why are we doing it and how would attempts like these augment the bigger goal of building a sustainable and thriving web ecosystem in India. After about 10 minutes of talk, the volunteers were clear on what all they had to do. Fully armed and excited, we started storming the streets of Dharavi. This was to start a journey that aimed to change perspective and brighten lives.

All the volunteers were divided into 8 teams, 4 members in each. 1 member from each team was carrying camera to capture every approach, they also carried the giveaways for business owners; Books, Pens and Promotional pamphlet to complement our efforts.

The first business we addressed was a leather products manufacturer. The owner of the business, Rahim almost agreed in no time to get a website for his own business. Fully aware about online shopping websites, he has always had a dream to have one of his own. Rahim even offered us cold drinks, gave all the required business details that we needed to take the business online.


Having similar and varied experiences, we covered Dharavi over a period of two days. In this initiative we met some real interesting people like Mr Chandra who earns a six digit monthly income from his business, the most famous potter in Dharavi whose clay-work mostly adores the million dollar farmhouses of Mumbai. They all had one thing in common, their love for Dharavi. It felt as if their identity had somehow melted in to the ghettos and the by-lanes of Dharavi. Beyond this they could not see any hope.

It was almost evening now and on the back seat of a two-wheeler I started my way back. With some most profound experiences and the contentment of having touched so many lives.

As I raised my last view towards Dharavi I had a very satisfying view, which is hard to express here. All the businesses we were passing by had HostGator logo which daringly said ‘ NOW ONLINE’. This was the promise we made and somewhere fulfilled it.

Now sitting and looking back at everything its hard to tell what all did we achieve. We touched over 1100 micro/small businesses, gave basic online presence to most of them. But what we truly achieved is not in numbers. We made some difference to lives, it was not just a website for these people, it was their sense of hope, it was a belief which would connect them to the Outside world, it was a bolstering confidence that ‘DHARAVI CAN’.

image2 _DSF1939

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Infographic: A Day In The Life Of The Internet

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 by HostGator India

Recently, our friends at made an excellent infograph about the Internet and what happens online every day. Let’s take a look at “A Day in the Life of the Internet”:  


A day in the life of the Internet

A Day in The Life of The Internet via HostGator

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